About Crystal Benavides

Name: Crystal Benavides


Web Site: http://www.houstonartsalliance.com/

Bio: Crystal Benavides is an arts administrator, curator, and art writer working on projects in arts and culture. She curated a two-year cycle of exhibitions with Houston based artists and recently completed a series of writings on the role of art as a data collection technique in the cultural planning process. Benavides is an avid arts advocate and currently oversees the Houston Emerging Arts Leaders network. While working under Houston’s local arts agency, Crystal distributed over $40 million in funding to 300+ cultural organizations and artists. She also curated Cohesive Discord, listed by Glasstire as one of the top ten installations of the year, and Interconnectivity the gallery’s first all media exhibition. Crystal was formerly at the San Antonio Museum of Art (SAMA) and worked with the Rockefeller collection of Latin American Art. While at SAMA, she aided in La Linea Encatada, Fotoseptiembre, and Retratos: 2,000 Years of Latin American Portraits working with artworks from over a dozen countries and over 70 National & International lenders. twitter handle: @crysbdz new email: crysbdz@gmail.com

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