About Kristy Callaway

Name: Kristy Callaway


Web Site: http://www.artsschoolsnetwork.org

Bio: Kristy Callaway has served from March 2008 to present as executive director for the Arts Schools Network, which is a non-profit association founded in 1981, dedicated to serving arts schools leaders. Previously, Kristy was fine arts coordinator and director of curriculum development for 20,000-students in Beaufort County School District, South Carolina, from 1999-2008. Kristy has been recognized by the SC Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities, the National School Board Association and the Kennedy Center for excellence in arts education; and the SC Consortium for Gifted Education for professional development. She has served on panels and presentations at annual meetings for Arts Education Partnership, Kennedy Center Alliance for Arts Education and Partners in Education, Magnet Schools of America and Northwest Evaluation Association. She is a co-founder of the SC Formative Assessment Literacy Group. Kristy is a past-president of the SC Alliance for Arts Education, served on the SC Arts Alliance board of directors from 1999-2009 and on The Arts in the Basic Curriculum steering committee from 2005-2009. Currently, Kristy is serving on the Kennedy Center Alliance for Arts Education National Leadership Committee. Kristy has given numerous keynotes, commencements, professional development sessions, and has taught dozens of graduate courses on arts education, arts integration, creativity, formative assessment and research, and gifted and talented education. Kristy has earned a bachelor’s in art history and criticism from Florida State University, and master’s degrees in the arts in teaching, public administration and gifted & talented education from the University of South Carolina, College of Charleston and Converse College.

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