One of my favorite #earlyartsed resources that I pinned to our board.

One of my favorite #earlyartsed resources that I pinned to our board.

Thanks for joining us this week as we shared our ideas, thoughts, and resources for the arts in early childhood education. If you missed any, you can read all of the posts from the Blog Salon via

While I loved hearing about programs modeled after Reggio Emilia, theatre for the very young, and ways parents can encourage creativity, I have to say that my favorite part of this week was seeing so many cute preschool faces! For someone who works in arts education, it doesn’t get much better than seeing the joy of a young child discovering something through the arts.

Many of the images I loved seeing were part of the Pintrest board we created in addition to our posts here. Hop on over there to see more resources from our amazing bloggers and others, including research, quotes, and art activities to explore with children. This was my first experience with Pinterest, and I must admit that I’m hooked!

But many of our bloggers included wonderful images in their posts too, so without further ado, here is our week in images (please visit Flickr if the player is not working in your browser):

Thanks for helping us celebrate Youth Arts Month on ARTSblog and remember to check back for arts education posts nearly every week and join our next Arts Education Blog Salon in September!

2 Responses to “Shiny Happy Kids: The End of Our Early Arts Ed Blog Salon”

  1. Brian Reece says:

    Have been reading your posts Kristen. Makes for beautiful reading. You are so lucky to be among these little kids, I know they are pure joy to be with. It brings us happiness to see them happy and just so wonderful to be with them. They teach us adults so much, don’t they? I have always believed that art is the purest form of love. You are doing an amazing job.

  2. Andoreza says:

    Enjoyed going through the pics on pinterest. It is amazing how children can be an example for adults..isn’t it?

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