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Posted by admin On January - 7 - 2011

As we end our 50th anniversary year here at Americans for the Arts, we want to wish each and every one of you a happy new year! Throughout the year, we met and worked with stakeholders nationwide to ensure the arts had a voice from Main Street to Capitol Hill. We launched our 50 States 50 Days campaign to bring arts advocacy to cities and towns nationwide. We hosted our 50th anniversary convention, the Half-Century Summit, where nearly 1,200 leaders in the field came together to envision a bright future. We also presented one of our most successful National Arts Marketing Project Conferences to date in San Jose. And to begin this new year, we want to hear from you.

What is your resolution this year to support the arts in your community? Think big, think small. Let’s take a moment to come together and set meaningful, actionable goals for our field and all the communities we serve.

Post your resolution below!

Here’s some of the resolutions from a few arts leaders in the field and staff members at Americans for the Arts:

  • “In 2011, I resolve to continue to cast a light on how the arts are a solution to the challenges facing America’s communities. I will do this professionally by partnering with arts and non-arts organizations and educating people on how the arts are an economic driver, spiritual nourishment, difference destroyer, awareness builder, life saver, workforce stimulant, and a legitimate solvent to crime and other societal problems.  I will work through the research, professional development, advocacy, and visibility efforts at Americans for the Arts to prove that this is all true.  Personally, I will serve on the boards of arts organizations that share this commitment, participate in arts organizations that push the envelope by using the arts to motivate people to think differently, and I will encourage my daughter to understand how the arts will be vital in her quest to become an environmental scientist.  Won’t you join me?
    -Mara Walker
    , Chief Operating Officer, Americans for the Arts
  • For the arts, I resolve to strike a balance between innovative, big-picture thinking and practical, nitty-gritty work on the ground.  To work the hours necessary to advance the arts, without forgetting to pause and enjoy them…to let them sink in.  To patronize new venues, see new exhibits, watch challenging performances.  To find lawyers, business professionals and funding opportunities and new donors who will help the arts grow.  To change the way people understand ‘the arts.'”
    -David Seals, Program Manager, Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council and Americans for the Arts Emerging Leaders Network Council Member
  • My resolution is to help present more cultural programming and handmade crafts for the annual Turkish Cultural Festival in Washington, DC.
    -Nina Ozlu Tunceli, Chief Counsel of Government and Public Affairs, Americans for the Arts
  • My 2011 year’s resolution is to assist local business leaders in forming a Business Committee for the Arts to enhance private sector involvement in arts and culture.”
    -Mary Becht
    , Director, Broward County Cultural Division
  • “My resolution to support the arts this year is to double the amount of financial support I personally give because of the particular challenges groups are facing in the current economy. I will remain on several arts boards but hope to expand the volunteer help I give over the next two years particularly in researching and sharing the names of new potential funders because funder list expansion is critical at this time. I will try to expand my personal participation in attending arts events of organizations that I support and encouraging others to join me.
    -Robert L. Lynch
    , President and CEO, Americans for the Arts
  • I will continue to question how art in public space can continue to evolve.  On this note, I am engaged to model new processes of how the word “community” can be supported in 2011.  Has the word lost meaning?  I am interested in supporting brilliant ideas and strong conceptual approaches that can create strong collaborations to one of community experimentation, agency flexibility and innovative experiences in the public realm, while still looking for new levels of engagement to be inspired.”
    -Stuart Keeler, Artist, 2010 Americans for the Arts Public Art Preconference Presenter

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  1. Julia Colby says:

    I will be working to strengthen my organization’s fundraising and development program, and helping to highlight all the amazing (and mostly silent) work being done in the educational realm of our mission.
    Artistically, I will support new playwrights and new directors, and directing our big summer production – strengthening and creating new connections with our community in the process.
    -Julia M. Colby, Board member & Volunteer, Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette – Lafayette, IN

  2. As we look forward to our silver anniversary in 2011, my resolution is to continue to grow the Gateway Men’s Chorus into vibrant Arts Organization that engages our audience, and give back to the community because music moves the hearts and minds which promotes a culture of diversity and acceptance.

    Christopher J. MacLellan, President
    Gateway Men’s Chorus
    St. Louis, MO

  3. My new year wishes are to continue supporting causes that benefit through my art as in previous occasions, especially those that help children. Chitra Ramnathan, artist-painter, art educator member, Americans for the Arts

  4. On a personal level I am running for City Council in my home community as a way to advocate for the arts as an economic engine to revitalize our city. At work my goals are to get more interactive with Millennials(aged 15-31)engage them in the process of performing arts creation and hopefully engage them in some sort of flash mob/random act of culture!
    Leslie LaMuro- Marketing director- UW-Whitewater’s Young Auditorium- Whitewater, WI

  5. My resolution is to volunteer some of my time to a local arts organization in my neighborhood or community. I’d also like to make time to see more live art performances and visit more of the wonderful art galleries and institutions DC has to offer.
    -Graham Dunstan, Director of Marketing, Americans for the Arts

  6. Maria N Smith says:

    I am resolved to know more in 2011, to become more knowledgeable of the conversations around arts policy and trends in the arts globally. I want to increase my opportunities for discussions about the arts beyond my personal experiences. I want to be a part of an informed arts advocacy movement.

  7. My primary goal for the coming year is to increase community participation in our arts education foundation and to include more students in leadership roles. Another focus is making stonger connections between arts ed and civic organizations, local business, and area arts organizations. Finally, long-range planning!!!

  8. Diane Shelly says:

    With a passion which will not relinquish this resolution, I am committed to the expansion of Florida Craftsmen’s Artists Career Development Education program, which serves to advance the careers of our fine craft artists. We will also expand opportunities to emerging artists to exhibit in our retail and exhibition galleries as well as in spaces throughout the state.

  9. With my colleagues and volunteers at Washington Area Lawyers for the Arts, I have resolved to settle once and for all whether there is a unique cultural scene in D.C. We will inform, educate and engage stakeholders to create a more supportive legislative and regulatory environment for artists and arts organizations. Read more at, http://thewaladcforcreatives.blogspot.com/

  10. Lance Aaron says:

    Working under challenging circumstances, our objective is to financially stabilize and develop a stronger base of support for the City of San Antonio’s Museo Alameda, one of our nation’s few museums dedicated to the promotion of the Latino art and culture. The Museo Alameda is recognized as the first museum in the world oustide of Washington to be affiliated with the Smithsonian.

    Lance Aaron
    Project Director of the “good neighbor” centennial exhibition
    Revolution & Renaissance: Mexico and San Antonio 1910 – 2010

  11. Tyler York says:

    I have discovered that one of the best ways to advocate for the arts is to view, attend, and participate in as much art as possible. I have resolved to not only see more theatre, ballet, opera, and musical performances but also visit galleries, museums, and exhibitions with more frequency. Seeing more will have me saying more. I resolve to let my passion for the arts be infectious!

  12. Dave Lawrence says:

    I resolve to be a catalyst for creative thinking about the arts. I resolve to increase community understand about the value of the arts, not just for economic reasons, but also for the human need to express and communicate through art. I resolve to challenge community leaders, arts organization personnel, artists, elected officials, and volunteer leaders of arts organizations to engage audiences in meaningful arts experiences, performances, exhibitions, and events.
    -Dave Lawrence, President & CEO, Arts Council of Indianapolis

  13. Mitch Swain says:

    Help my arts community raise more money from individuals by calling attention to the importance of individual contributions and the value of vibrant arts and culture in the Pittsburgh region.
    -Mitch Swain, CEO, Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council

  14. Ron Jones says:

    Universities seem to naturally isolate themselves from the communities in which they exist because of their intense focus on what they do; we are so much stronger if we are part of that larger community so my new year’s resolution is to exert my influence as a dean of the arts to bring faculty and students into a greater confluence with the ambitions, goals, and passions of our community and, thus, ensure a greater gift to the future.
    -Ron Jones, Dean, College of the Arts, University of South Florida and Americans for the Arts’ Arts Education Network Council Member

  15. Porter Arneill says:

    The visionary artist Joseph Beuys said, “Creativity isn’t the monopoly of artists. This is the crucial fact I’ve come to realize, and this broader concept of creativity is my concept of art. When I say everybody is an artist, I mean everybody can determine the content of life in their particular sphere, whether in painting, music, engineering, caring for the sick, the economy or whatever. All around us the fundamentals of life are crying out to be shaped or created.” In that spirit, I resolve to fiercely advocate for the arts as a catalyst to enhance and enrich the vitality of Kansas City and beyond.
    -Porter Arneill, Director/Public Art Administrator Kansas City Municipal Art Commission and Americans for the Arts Public Art Network Council Member

  16. Victoria Plettner Saunders says:

    My New Year’s Resolution for Arts Leadership – I resolve to keep up the good fight for arts education in our community. To seek partnerships with school board members, artists, arts organizations, classroom teachers, business leaders and other decision makers that will enable us to hold on to the strong programs we already have and continue to explore and even implement ideas that can improve education for the whole child. I resolve to be a uniter, encouraging collaboration and inclusive thinking while focusing less on the negative voices that can drain my advocacy energy. I resolve to continue to be a voice for discouraging either or thinking that has been driving budgets and the arts. I resolve to keep believing and have faith that common sense will prevail.
    -Victoria Plettner Saunders, Arts and Culture Consultant and
    Americans for the Arts’ Arts Education Network Council Member

  17. Michael R. Gagliardo says:

    My resolution for 2011 is to make sure that I think as a part of an arts community, and not just as a member of one arts institution. In difficult times, it becomes easy for us to become so singularly focused on our own organization and its own well-being that we forget that we are a part of a greater picture, a community-wide goal of bringing all of the arts to all of our constituents. I resolve to not lose sight of this “big picture,” to remember my organization’s role in it, and to help bolster the arts not just for my own institution, but for the community of artists as a whole.
    -Michael R. Gagliardo, Music Director & Conductor, Etowah Youth Orchestras and Americans for the Arts’ Arts Education Network Council Member

  18. Letia Fernandez Ivins says:

    I resolve that in 2011 more Americans will encounter art unexpectedly in the public realm. I aspire for more art that radiates from unlikely places such as the Laundromat http://www.laundromatproject.org/home.htm , the garden http://www.lacma.org/art/eatlacma/ , the bus http://freewaves.org/ , the local social service organization http://www.publicmattersgroup.com/about.htm , and perhaps the sky http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/culturemonster/2009/09/bruce-nauman-skywrites-over-pasadena.html I resolve to work harder than ever to encourage and provide opportunities for both top down and bottom up public art initiatives that engage the unsuspecting for an uplifting effect!
    -Letitia Fernandez Ivins, Civic Art Program Manager, LA County Arts Commission and Americans for the Arts’ Emerging Leaders Network Council Member

  19. Kip Sudduth says:

    Working in the arts is obviously very important to advocate for the arts. My resolution for 2011 is very similar to the art that I create: multidimensional. That is I resolve to share more art: that is as a working artist it is very important to see art and to have your art seen. Having worked not only as an artist but as an art educator and an art administrator for the last 30 years hopefully will bring me closer to collaboration groups, public art, as well as many other meaningful exhibition venues. I also resolve to try to get more involved in the local art scene as well as education in general. My state has a very precarious budget which I’m afraid will affect not only education but in particular the arts in education. I will also try to resolve in making more people in my state aware of Americans for the arts and the arts in general. As we all know without the arts there is no creativity, continuity, or culture. Without culture we have no society. Without society we lose ourselves and our future.

  20. kellyann says:


    Please contact me at kellyannart@mac.com, I would like to cross pollinate your efforts in my art practice. I am currently redesigning my site on wordpress & want to host articles that support the arts on a broader scale. If I can share your goals, we can spread the arts on a global scale.

    I am an exhibiting artist, producing large scale conceptual abstract art for public, hospital, corporate & private collections. I am vested in supporting our next generation of visual thinkers. Kind Regards, kellyannart.com

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  23. Mari Geasair says:

    This year I am going for the three pronged approach to supporting the arts.
    1) See more art. I resolve to see at least 48 performing arts productions and view at least 6 fine art shows.
    2) Invite more people to join me for the arts. This year, instead of simply attending arts events with people I know love the arts, I resolve to invite at least 12 people who don’t normally attend arts events to join me.
    3) Learn and teach more art. I will start a free “arts marketing book club” via-teleconference so that I refresh on some great wisdom around arts marketing I have been meaning to revisit, and can learn and share from colleagues around the country who want to explore arts marketing more deeply.

  24. hairy carrion says:

    I will be building a global arts community through my arts writing/interviews through two channels of web and print.

    I will be building The Haggus Society, a feminist, self-producing art collective for women over 40 with the passion and desire to effect community and culture via art, performance, politics and direct action; who have been disregarded by the art community (and the patriarchal youth oriented society) at large.

    I will be working toward acquisitions of my art, building my individual career in order that I may mentor younger artists and the women of Haggus.

    I will be working towards financial sustainability in order to fund the above.

  25. I resolve to continue to promote arts and culture in Southern Maryland through our year-old website which includes a tri-county arts calendar of events; a registry for arts and culture organizations, businesses, and individuals; a news page; and a section on arts education. The goal is to continue to expand and tweak the site to meet the needs of the arts and culture community in Southern Maryland. Feel free to visit us at http://www.somdarts.com!

  26. Continue to share practical ways that arts organizations can use technology to reach patrons through the Technology in the Arts blog (http://www.technologyinthearts.org), and lead by example by embracing new technologies, listening to “crazy” ideas, and not fearing failure where ever I happen to land after graduation from the MAM program.

    Amelia Northrup
    Strategic Research and Development Assistant
    Center for Arts Management and Technology
    Masters of Arts Management (MAM), 2011
    Carnegie Mellon University

  27. I will endeavor to produce public art because I feel to do so requires a community involvement which I will be good at. I currently teach art to grandparents who have adopted grandchildren and I relate well to all groups of our southwestern community. The best place for art is in the community where it inhances daily life and will make connections if done with care.

  28. My efforts, which could also be formulated as a New Years resolution is to continue working to make the Lorain Art Council art gallery a permanent focus point for all of the local artist in Lorain County Ohio. We have had minor success in just opening the space thanks to the collaborative efforts of our city Community Development dept. This is a unique situation where we have combined local business, city government and a non-profit type of organization together for the common good of the entire city and county. We are very excited and proud of what we have accomplished so far and with God’s grace we will be successful.

  29. Sandra Stratton-Gonzalez says:

    My New Year’s resolution is to invite all of the parents of my students (over 400!) into the school to observe dance classes and see dance performances, and therefore to experience first hand the creative and intellectual power of dance in education.

  30. My resolution is three fold: 1) to turn more individuals into donors of the arts and cultivate a population of future, major supporters; 3) to increase my personal donations to arts organizations; and 2) to build sustainable funding solutions for individual queer artists through the business development of Queer Art Impact. Live strong, love hard and make art real! Mathew Heggem, Co-Founder, Queer Art Impact.

  31. ClassicalMusicCity.com will be supporting the classical music industry by offering free classified ads for concerts, recitals, auditions, jobs to all non-profit organizations in 2011.

  32. Our resolution will be to provide more Mexican Folklorico Dance Classes to the DC/MD/VA area. Starting out in Herndon and Manassas. We also help out children programs and Georgetown Mexican Folklorico Dance group.

  33. As I have semi-retired from the Thurnauer School of Music at the JCC on the Palisades in NJ, I should finally have the time to develop and market participatory arts programming for my contemporaries, legions of whom are already JCC users.

  34. To actually get at least three new musicals produced: “The Amateur Sinner,” “Anything for a Laff!,” and “Zarzuela de Ovejunador (The Sheepherder’s Opera),” and to make more tickets available to more people at a lower cost. amateursinner@gmail.com

  35. Laura Page says:

    I have been working in public policy for the last 6 years, but have kept my passion for the arts separate, mainly as a hobby. I resolve to bring the arts into my work or volunteer life in a much bigger way in 2011. I will use my policy background to build greater support for the arts from corporations and governmental agencies.

  36. Deena Heath says:

    These are posters I prepped for the new year:

    IN 2011,






    Deena Heath, Executive Director
    La Grande, OR

  37. david says:

    I resolve that i will continuous hologram and making photography no matter if a eating or not

  38. Jillian says:

    I will continue to work with my local community and beyond to help spread art awareness, demonstrate the importance of arts education for our youth, and prove the benefits of supporting our thriving arts scene. All for Art, and Art for All!

  39. I resolve to attend every First Friday art walk in my hometown, and to make more of an effort to attend art openings.

    I will also create opportunities to show art, beginning with a student exhibition of cartoons this spring.

  40. As my venue, the Howmet Playhouse in Whitehall, MI, celebrates its 95th anniversary this year, I resolve to push my community to think outside the box when it comes to arts programming and help them understand that theater, in particular, does not always have to look and sound like Rogers and Hammerstein. I resolve to turn the playhouse into a forward-thinking arts institution and help the community see the value of the arts in a long-term sense.

  41. Cindy Martin says:

    I tutor kids in art and work hard to help parents understand how important the arts are to a child and a community. I resolve to continue to work with kids and adults alike to help them understand the value of “the arts” to our communities, culture and society. It’s not how good you are at your craft but how much passion you put into it.

  42. Vera Lentini says:

    I am taking on an internship this semester in Red Bank, NJ (on the west side) working with a music video promotion company. It’s a local company, and it is located in our “arts corridor” section of town.

  43. James M. says:

    I resolve to be a catalyst for creative thinking about the arts. I resolve to increase community understand about the value of the arts, not just for economic reasons, but also for the human need to express and communicate through art.

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