Randy CohenRandy Cohen, Vice President of Local Arts Advancement for Americans for the Arts, discusses the new National Arts Index in this audio podcast. He talks about how the Index was created and how it can be a boon to local arts agencies and to the arts field as a whole.

Read more about the National Arts Index here.

4 Responses to “ArtCast: Randy Cohen Introduces the National Arts Index”

  1. Mark Hager says:

    Congratulations Randy and Roland. This is a herculean effort.


  2. Eulynn Shiu says:

    So pleased to see this. Congratulations, Randy and the Reserach Team!

  3. […] can download the report HERE, or listen to the blogcast by Randy Cohen (V.P. of Local Arts Advancement, Americans For The Arts), introducing the Index. […]

  4. Billy Hunter says:

    I have seen several articles about want this kind of index at the local level. Who do I need to contact to find out more about doing the National Arts Index at a local level?

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